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“Truth in Sound" is much more than a catchphrase, it’s their philosophy: MartinLogan speakers are designed to render the most complex musical passages as faithfully as a crystal prism disperses the color spectrum.

The MartinLogan Story

People often assume that MartinLogan was founded by a couple of guys named Martin and Logan, which is sort of true …

Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland: “MartinLogan just sounded better than SandersSutherland,” Sanders explains (apparently they never considered GayleRon). In the late 1970s, the two met at a high-end audio store Sanders managed in Lawrence, Kansas. Despite very different backgrounds—Sanders trained in architecture and advertising, Sutherland in electrical engineering—they shared a passion for music and electrostatic loudspeakers. For listeners seeking the ultimate in sonic purity and clarity, electrostatic speakers held enormous appeal.

Prior to 1980, only a handful of electrostatic speakers had appeared on the market. They were finicky and all suffered the classic limitations of the breed. They lacked bass and had limited volume. They required specialized or powerful amplifiers. They were prone to failure. They were only good for one listener at a time. They were sublime for acoustic jazz and chamber music, but fell short with loud rock and powerful symphonic music. Gayle and Ron surmised that the theory of electrostats was solid—the application of materials and technology was lacking. Overcoming these limitations was the making of MartinLogan.