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At The PAVE we believe you deserve the best. This is why we have taken the time to hand pick each and every brand we sell to our clients. Whether it is your lifestyle, decor or budget that determines what you buy, we are confident we can help you obtain what is best for you. We consistently and repeatedly evaluate all products that we offer. Be rest assured, if you have found it at The PAVE, we have done the homework, training and personal evaluation even before it is offered. Below you will find some of the finest brands of audio, video and electronic components around that we partner with. 

Whether you're searching for a pair of speakers for an emotionally compelling musical experience or a sound bar for mind-blowing home theater, Martin Logan speakers will take you there. Their innovative electrostatic speakers produce a sound that's exceptionally detailed and clear, with a huge soundstage.

Totem Acoustic’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of reproducing a truly musical and moving performance. From the outset, excellence and great soulful sound throughout every model and application has been our goal.

At Leon, they mix art with audio and design with technology. Made up of a group of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing the finest quality benchmade American audio. For 20 years, they've been meticulously handcrafting a full palette of custom speakers, sound sculptures, and audiovisual treatments, all designed and manufactured in the US.

Even if you're unfamiliar with Klipsch®, there's a good chance you've heard their speakers in action as one in every two new movie theaters today installs Klipsch professional cinema gear. Paul W. Klipsch founded the company in 1946 on four main sonic principles: high efficiency, expanded dynamic range, controlled directivity, and flat frequency response.

Improving the way you experience sound has been the focus of the Origin team for over three decades. These speaker designers and engineers have over 100 years of collective experience, have won hundreds of awards for their efforts and have invented numerous patented technologies that have dramatically advanced the art of sound reproduction.

Next-gen audio integration supported by cutting-edge research and implementation. Advanced speaker materials refined to perfection. A look that inspires every time you listen. No other brand approaches speakers like they do—giving them equal treatment as pieces of technology and design made to be revered. Operating within a specific culture that demands nothing less than the extraordinary.




For over 40 years, Sony has delighted consumers with high quality innovations for the home. Sony's consumer electronics products are considered among the best in the industry. Sony takes the home entertainment experience to an entirely new level with its premium line of ES Receivers, ES Home Theater projectors, XBR Televisions and ES and AR Speakers. They all work together beautifully to give you and your clients an integrated experience as captivating as the entertainment itself.

For more than 70 years, Samsung has been at the forefront of electronic innovation. Samsung is committed to inspiring the world by developing new technologies, innovative products and creative solutions. It’s time to experience next level entertainment.  Immerse yourself in lifelike picture with some of the most advanced technologies around including; 4K Ultra UHD, Quantum Dot Color displays, HDR1000 contrast and more.


Sony Home Theater Projectors are known to produce images that defy the imagination. There’s a Sony ES projector for every type of room, from a media or living room to a super high-end dedicated home theater.

Experience rich cinematic adventures at home with Epson home theater projectors. Whether you enjoy movies, games or sporting events; every image is sure to pop off the screen with state-of-the-art, innovative projector features.



Started in 2010, Nest focuses on home automation technology that's fresh and helpful. Nest's smart devices take the place of home appliances you might not often think about, like your thermostat and smoke detectors, to make life easier. 

Lutron offers many ways to help the environment, while beautifying your home. The perfect complement of light and shade control gives you great simplicity and saves you on energy usage.

Power protection and remote management, including rack-mounted power conditioners and software to monitor and control a power systems remotely, down to the individual outlet.